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LSP Transit Ltd provides competitive pricing and a full range of both original and OEM spare parts from Estonia and other countries all over the world for the following main and auxiliary engine types:

  • MAN (MAN B&W) (Click to see the description) -​ 2876LE, 7S50MC, 6L60MC, 6L45GFCA, S46MC-C, D2840, 6S26MC, 7S60MC-C, 6L16/24, 7L58/64, 7L58, 6S28LH-4E, 6S46MC-C, 6L42MC, 6L35MC, 6T23LH, 5T23LH-4

  • Pielstick

  • Wärtsilä / Wärtsilä Vasa - 12V32E, 12V32F, 6R46, 6R32, 6L46, W8L46, 8L26, 8R32

  • Sulzer (Cegielski Sulzer)

  • Deutz

  • SKL

  • MAK - 6M32C, 9M32C, 6M25, 6M43, 9M43, 8M43

  • CATERPILLAR - 3406, 3056, 3306, 3512C, 3516, C9





LSP Transit Ltd also offers the following spares of the following brands:

a) Starters: GALI Internacional S.A (Click to see the description)
b) Air compressors: Hatlapa, Sperre, Sauer und Sohn, Hamworthy etc
c) Governors: Woodward, GAC, Heinzmann etc.
d) Turbochargers: all makers all types
e) Separators: Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Mitsubishi etc.

f) Intelligent measuring systems: IMES (Click to see the description)
g) Pumps: 

  1. DESMI - ESL25-180N/D12, ESL40-180N/D12, NSL 80-200-256/-02-16, NSL80-265/D02, NSL 80-330/D16, NSL 100-215/D16, NSL100-330/D02, NSL125-265/D14, NSL125-265/D16, NSL-150-265/D13, NSL 200-330/D16, S100-80-175N/A09, S80-70-175N/D09, S80-70-175N/A02, S80-70-175N/D02, S80-70-220, S80-70-220N/09, S80-70-275N/A09, PPI 4016 DBLG-0,75/4, PPI 4016 BBLG-0,75/4, DPV 4/4 B

  2. KRAL - KF-74AAA 000296, DSX 4/2000, KFUG55+100L, KFUG550-21

  3. ALLWEILER (CIRCOR) - SLF440ER40U12.1, SNS 660 ER 40 E8.9 W1 DS 44A, NIT65-250/250 U5A-W4-42/350, NTT 2/32/200/01, NTT 21/32/200/01 U5A W4, ZAS.150G8.3F W20, NTT 032-200/205, NIM 125 - 250/01 U3.12D-W-W3, SOHB 222 W G2V V.12, ACG 060 K7 NVBR, SNF 40 ER54 E6.9-W67, SNF 120 ER42 E8.9-W67-100L-4

  4. IRON PUMP - CNLB 150-150/250, CNLB 200-200/315, CNLB-80-80/250EA, CNLB-100-100/250, QT-2-250, QV-10/300, QV-10/320, CHV-80/280E, CHV-10/280EA, CHV-125/300

  5. BEHREN PUMP - VRF7/290G, L3NG-180/185-ASOUI-G, VRF 5/350 G, SFN41G, 

  6. Etc. (European, Asian makers) all types

h) Filters: full range of different makers all over the world

i) Burners: WEISHAUPT and other brands

j) Cargo cranes: MacGregor and other brands

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