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Field services

Worldwide service 24/7 and a global network of
partners, with fully trained and experienced service
engineers. Vessels sail around the globe.
Thanks to our expertise and the support of our
worldwide partnerships we can provide our clients
with a fast high quality service, with the result
we are able to solve your problem anywhere
in the world on a short periode of time.


Blade repair and reconditioning

Damaged turbine blades will be repaired or replaced, resulting in a once again balanced turbocharger. Reconditioning and repair of turbocharger parts, overhaul of cartridges, high pressure cleaning and blasting, turbine blade welding, rotor re-blading and shaft repairs.

Turbocharger blades rotate at very high speed. Any blade in any type of turbocharger has a valuable importance for your vessel. The damaging of your turbine blades may have different reasons.
Using poor quality fuel can cause incomplete combustion, with the result that unburned particles can chip pieces of the blades. Erosion caused by carbonized particles and sulphur content of fuel can damage the turbocharger blades.

Improper maintenance of other working systems can damage the turbine blades of your engine. Broken valves, piston rings and pieces of injection pumps are often the cause of damaged blades. In all cases, damaged turbine blades can be repaired or replaced by Turbo Belgium. Our qualified and experienced team of welding technicians
handles the process with the highest care. The repaired blades will be reduced and fixed to their original sizes, where they will be assembled to the rotor and directed on our Schenck dynamic balancing machine.

Rotor balancing

Lloyd’s Register certificate available on request. Inefficient working conditions and lack of maintenance can cause severe damage to your turbocharger, which trigger wears on the bearings.

This is just the start of major replacements and overhaul, which will cost time and money. Before balancing, the rotor has to get an expertise and has to be thoroughly checked in detail.

During this process the true run and deflection of the shaft is measured and noted carefully. After reconditioning the shaft and turbine blades, the rotor will be balanced. A balancing report will be provided. A Lloyd’s Register certificate is available on request.

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