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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We are pleased to inform you that IMES further development EMP Next Generation is in serial production now.

As of now we only offer the next generation of IMES electronic indicators EPM-Peak NG, EPM-XP NG, EPM-XPplus NG and EPM-XPplus-vibro NG .

IMES EPM Next Generation concept offers one common hardware for all EPM types. This enables an easy upgrade from peak pressure indicator EPM-Peak up to engine analyser EPM-XPplus-vibro without sending the device back to IMES. For the upgrade the user only has to purchase a data file for the higher version.

Data Sheet EPM-Peak NG
Download PDF • 205KB

Data Sheet EPM-Peak NG
Download PDF • 205KB

Data Sheet EPM-XP_plus NG
Download PDF • 223KB

Data Sheet EPM-XP_plus_vibro NG
Download PDF • 230KB

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