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Andrey Zhukov

Chief Technical Officer

Galina Zhukova

Chief Financial Officer

Andrey Zhukov worked in Estonian Ship Management 1980-1997.

Graduated from Estonian Maritime Academy in 1980.

Studied at Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy in St.Petersburg, Russia.


Work experience: from vessel's mechanic to chief engineer.

Vessels: Andrey Zhukov worked on Ro-Ro vessels.

Galina Zhukova worked in Estonian Ship Management in Supply Management 1981-1991.

After 1991 Estonian Ship Management was reorganized and Galina stayed there as in private sector company.

Graduated from Taltech in 1986.

Work experience: in Supply Management of vessels from economist to CFO and company's owner.


Distinctive feature is considered in that Galina and Andrey all life are working in shipping industry and vessels' material-technical supply area.

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