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LSP Transit Ltd offers both OEM and original spare parts for the following DESMI pump types :

DESMI - ESL25-180N/D12, ESL40-180N/D12, NSL 80-200-256/-02-16, NSL80-265/D02, NSL 80-330/D16, NSL 100-215/D16, NSL100-330/D02, NSL125-265/D14, NSL125-265/D16, NSL-150-265/D13, NSL 200-330/D16, S100-80-175N/A09, S80-70-175N/D09, S80-70-175N/A02, S80-70-175N/D02, S80-70-220, S80-70-220N/09, S80-70-275N/A09, PPI 4016 DBLG-0,75/4, PPI 4016 BBLG-0,75/4, DPV 4/4 B

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