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DESMI has specialised in the development, manufacture, sale and service of pumps and pumping solutions for marine, industry, defence & fuel, and utility incl. environmental equipment for oil spill, seaweed and clean waterways operating globally, but acting locally.

LSP Transit Ltd. can supply you different types of DESMI original pumps by manufacturer prices all over the world (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Turkey, UAE, etc).


Centrifugal Pumps

1) Single-stage, End-suction (ESL, ESLH)
2) Horizontal, End-suction (ESLHT)
3) In-line, Vertical & Horizontal (NSL)
4) End-suction (NSLH, NSLV)
5) Double Suction, In-line (DSL)
6) Vertical in-line, Horizontal Two-stage (TSL, TSLH)
7) Self-priming (Modular S, Modular S Monobloc, SA, NSA)

High Flow - Low Pressure Pumps

1) Vertical, End-suction (NSLV)
2) Horizontal, End-suction (NSLH)

Vertical Centrifugal Multi-stage Pumps

1) Multi-stage (DPV)

Gear Pumps

1) ROTAN GP - General Purpose
2) ROTAN HD - Heavy Duty
3) ROTAN PD - Petrochemical Duty
4) ROTAN CD - Chemical Duty
5) ROTAN ED - Environmental Duty

Dirty Water Vacuum Pump

1) Horizontal Self-priming Centrifugal pump (VAC)

Submerged Lubrication Oil Pump

1) Vertical Deepwell multistage Centrifugal pump (DESLUBE)

DESMI catalogues of pumps in English and Russian are here:
Centrifugal Pumps Product Overview  (ENG)

Marine Offshore Pump Solutions  (ENG)

Marine Offshore Pump Solutions  (RUS)

Rotan Brochure  (ENG)

DESMI OptiSave  (ENG)

DESMI OptiSave  (RUS)
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