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LSP Transit represents a Chinese company COSCO SHIPPING in the markets of Baltic States and Ukraine. COSCO SHIPPING is a leading provider of inlet and exhaust valves, seats and guides of two and four stroke marine engines. Over 80% of the large engine builders in China partner with COSCO SHIPPING, which supplies products not only to local marine engine builders, but also to worldwide-known engine builders like MAN, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Pielstick etc. COSCO SHIPPING uses reliable raw materials, latest technologies and strict quality controls on design and production in order to make every component meet the highest requirement of the engine.



COSCO SHIPPING Marine Equipment & Spares (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (MES (Nanjing) for short),   founded in 1970, is a whole subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Group. Located in the beautiful ancient capital of Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, MES (Nanjing) specializes in manufacturing inlet and exhaust valve products for low and medium-speed internal combustion engines. The product covers a wide range of four & two stroke diesel engines with cylinder bore ranging from 170mm to 980mm. The annual production capacity for four-stroke valve products is over 100, 000 pieces while for two-stroke exhaust valve spindles nearly 5,000 pieces. MES (Nanjing) provides world's leading engine companies with various service of design, products and solutions. As a national high-tech enterprises & demonstration workshop of intelligent manufacturing in Jiangsu province, MES (Nanjing) is gradually becoming a world's leading provider of integrated solutions of core components for low and medium-speed engines.

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